Spring Gillard

I Got Wheels

A couple weeks ago, I loaded all my recyclables into a large duffle bag and strapped it to my bike with bungy cords. I don’t have panniers. In fact, my bike is so old, panniers won’t fit onto it. The duffle bag stuck out both sides of my bike – I probably should have had a “wide load” sign. I was heading over to the beyond the blue box event at Britannia Community Centre, but when I got to Science World, I lost track of the bike route, got turned around and ended up on Hastings Street. (Note to City bike route planners, better signage required there.) I took the long way around, riding right through the downtown eastside. Needless to say, no one batted an eye at me, I fit in very well there.

This past weekend, I needed to move my compost bin and a couple blueberry bushes from one community garden to the other. I’m consolidating. So, I strapped all my garden goods onto a flimsy trolley and rolled it three long blocks up the street – literally, in the middle of the Kitsilano street. My load was pretty unstable so I needed smooth ground, bumpy sidewalks wouldn’t do. Needless to say, no one batted an eye at me, I fit in very well there.

I felt pretty self-sufficient after both trips. I got wheels, but no need for a car.

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